Travel to HAL25 is very easy, you have multiple ways of reaching the venue of the festival:

For the travel by public transport you have the option to take the train to NS Alkmaar Station (be aware, Alkmaar has 2 stations. Make sure to exit the train at the Central Station of Alkmaar.) From there it’s around a +-10 minute walk to the venue. See map below

For travelling by car, you need to navigate to Pettemerstraat 15, Alkmaar. From there you have multiple parkings as stated in the image above. The parking across from the venue is a paid parking until 20.00, same goes for the parking which is located behind the VUE Cinema. The parking across the VUE Cinema is a 24hr paid parking.

For travellers by bike, you are able to park your bike in front of the venue! Beware that it might be busy, so your bike might not fit directly in front of the venue. Please do not block any entrances with your bike.


The festival will be located on the outside area of HAL25. The mainstage will be partly covered by a tunnel tent, to create a true festival experience. Outside of the mainstage you will have multiple tables / hangout areas. Inside there will be a second stage with local talent, this is also where you can find the bar to get your drinks during the mini festival.

All other info about the venue can be found on


At our festival, HAL25 offers a selection of regular, vegetarian and vegan junk food, including fries, burgers, hotdogs, and various other fried snacks. Additionally, there will be healthier options available, such as curry or a salad. Something for everyone, all carefully prepared by HAL25.


If you have any more questions, or specific requests that need attention you can email us at