Yannick Onstenk, better known as Yannons, has been a rising star in the world of deep drum&bass. With over 10 years of DJ experience, the past years have mainly been focused on production of his own tracks. From early inspiration by his hometown heroes Noisia and Fre4knc, Yannons developed his signature stripped-back, techy style drum&bass sound.

Releasing his first single on Bristol-based label Transparent Audio in 2021, a steady release schedule followed and jump-started a quick rise in the drum&bass scene. 2022 saw the release of his debut ‘Gila Monster’ EP on Transparent Audio, followed by the 2023 ‘No Mercy’ EP on Engage Audio and 2024 single on Midas Touch. Gaining a massive hattrick of triple Vision Radio supports in a row as well as DJ support from the biggest DJs in the scene, the future for Yannons looks bright. Yannons’ signature sound can be described as stripped-back, minimal and deep. Tight drum sounds and minimalistic grooves carry deep basslines and distorted bass sounds, combined with dark atmospheric textures.